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There is a very good way to get recognized in the Blender community show off your CG skills. You can get recognized very easily by entering and winning competitions. Many websites host competitions.

 One of the harder competitions to win would be the ones hosted by The competitions have over 200 submissions, and many of them are amazing. The competitions do not run too frequently, but when they do, they offer about a month to make something surrounding a specific theme. There are also prizes to this competition. The last competition offered the following:

  1. 300€ credit for the RenderFlow renderfarm (new sponsor!)
  2. $250 for a charity of your choice
  3. Any item from the Blender e-Shop
  4. A permanent spot in the Winner’s Hall of Fame

Another host of competitions is Some of my favorite competitions are the ones where they give you a weekend to work on a strange theme. An example of this would be making anything using only 20 cubes and nothing else. It got very abstract and crazy, and all of the submissions were creative and visually pleasing.


If you are a tutorial creator, you should look at tutorial competitions. Several Blender tutorial websites host competitions where you make a tutorial video. The prize for these competitions is getting your tutorial published on a popular website.

These competitions are a good idea if you want to make friends in the community, and you might even find some freelance work this way.

Happy Blending,

Nick Bobryk


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