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There is a recent add-on that was created for the physics engine within Blender (Blender Game Engine). This add-on is called cell fracture. This add-on’s job is specific but very useful. It takes any object you create, and shatters it into pieces.

This can be used to create bullets breaking through glass, glasses shattering on the ground, or anything else you can imagine. The destruction is ridiculously fun to play around with, especially if you enjoy blowing things up.


The interface is fairly simple to deal with. First, you have to enable the add-on. Go into the user preferences add-ons tab and check the box next to Cell Fracture. Save user preferences so that it is enabled every time you start the program.

The only difference that enabling this add-on creates is the cell fracture button in your tools panel. Click this button and a window pops up with a bunch of settings. The most important setting is the point source. This is what you set up to calculate the fracture pieces. Set it to “grease pencil”.

You will need to draw on the object with the grease pencil exactly what you want to break for this to work, but it is the most reliable way to make cell fracture do what you want.

The only other important setting is the source amount. This is the amount of pieces you want. I usually set it to 500 for a nice and realistic fracture.


This add-on is useful in many ways, and there will be many renders using it due to it’s reliability and ease of use.

Happy Blending,

Nick Bobryk


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