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Realistic texturing involves many images all working together to create a material. Crazybump is a tool that creates all of these images using just one reference image. First you need to download a texture that you want to use on your object. This texture should be seamless, however it doesn’t need to be.

Once you have an image, you need to upload it to Crazybump, and it will tell you to wait. Once it is done calculating the texture, it will spit out a bunch of images and show you what they would look like on an object.


The images that it spits out are very useful. One of these is a normal map. This image gives an object fake geometry. This fake geometry adds some realism to your materials. There is also a separate displacement map if you want to add real geometry to the object.

Another image that it creates is the specularity map. This image is used to calculate where on the object there is glossiness. If you are using cycles, you can hook this up as the factor amount of a glossy shader to make realistic light bounces.


The final image that it creates is an occlusion map. This image is used to create fake shadows. When you use a normal map to create fake geometry, you will lack shadows that the object creates. This image can fill in those empty shadows that are missing and add to the realism without creating geometry.

Crazybump is definitely worth buying.

Happy Blending,

Nick Bobryk



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