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There are many sources that are rich with information on how to use Blender. The first place for technical information about it’s features is the wiki. explains every aspect of Blender in great detail. It provides technical information on every slider for every add-on in every version of Blender. The wiki is kept up to date by the Blender Foundation itself. When a new feature is added to Blender, content is created on the wiki to support the users.

Another great source for learning is This website is run by Andrew Price. He creates amazingly detailed video tutorials. They cover every aspect of rendering, and he even creates text versions of his tutorials on the same page if you only want to read instead of watching an hour-long video.

Andrew Price offers other tutorials that you have to pay for. An example of one of these is the Nature Academy. This is a series of tutorials that explain how to create realistic nature scenes in Blender. This series is very useful, and as soon as I have extra money, I am going to purchase it myself because it is definitely worth it.

Another great source of Blender tutorials is When they find a good tutorial on any random website, they will write a post about it. This is useful because it opens up your source of knowledge to many websites because Blender Nation does the looking for you.

As always, practicing and experimenting with Blender leads to the best learning, and nothing else can beat that.

Happy Blending,

Nick Bobryk


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